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5 Tricks to help your children express themselves better


Jan 4, 2024

Discover 5 tricks to help your children express themselves better. If your child is learning to speak or has difficulty expressing himself and you don’t know how you can help him, in this post, you will discover some tips to learn to express himself better when speaking .

As you already know, the magic formula for any boy or girl to learn is to dress it up as a game. So, first of all, we encourage you to create a dynamic and pleasant linguistic environment, so that improving your speech does not become an obligation.

Secondly, we are going to talk with him or her, through stories, games or family group dynamics. There are a thousand and one ways to get your son or daughter to launch into the world of language without any fear or shame.

Here we leave some of them:

How to learn to express yourself better when speaking?

1- Talk to him or her.

One of the keys to expressing himself better when speaking is to create situations in which he can dialogue with you, on any topic and without forcing him to talk about something that does not interest him.

We give you an example: we make an effort to learn vocabulary by heart, instead of insisting that he pronounce what interests him, for example, pointing to an object that is in sight and talking about it and its characteristics fluently.

The important thing in this case is to pay attention to those objects that have all your attention and talk about it, instead of stubbornly directing your speech.

2- Use a suitable language for him or her.

It is a mistake to try to talk to them with difficult or very technical and concrete words, but it is not about a baby who is beginning to say his first words, therefore, make an effort not to infantilize the vocabulary that you use when you speak at home.

For example, substitute “muñeca” or “pájaro” instead of “queca” or “pipi”.

In short, he uses a language according to his age or even a level above to express himself better when speaking .

3- Practice new games to express yourself better

As we said before, the best formula to learn will always be through games. Therefore, to improve your communication, the ideal is to carry out activities that attract your attention.

It does not have to be language stimulation games , only those that are interesting to them such as songs, choreography, poetry, guess who I am, etc.

4- Use your own body language

That is, gesticulate in an exaggerated way when talking to your son or daughter. This will give him a lot of information about what you are saying and help him understand you much sooner.

Point to the object you want him to name, smile when he does something right, or frown if you don’t like something.

5- Repeat over his words while correcting him

It is not about correcting him at all hours or at all times, that way we will only create more frustration for him. It is about repeating some specific words, that you do not pronounce well in a correct way, so that you can appreciate the difference.

For example, if the sentence he used is incomplete, complete it yourself, but without changing the meaning of his sentence.

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