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Best applications for students that will be of great use to you


Jan 4, 2024

Applications and programs to make student life easier.

Studying is not always a bed of roses. The need to mix free time with study can lead to headaches, and the content of the notes can be difficult to access at times. Fortunately, technology makes student life more bearable.

Taking into account these advantages that the new programs offer us, we have created a list with the applications for university students that we recommend the most.

Apps for students that will make things easier for you


Sometimes, the variety of pending tasks that student life can entail can cause more than one oversight. Wunderlist is a good ally when it comes to combating this apparent chaos. This useful application is the perfect tool when it comes to planning projects , since it allows you to create a log of activities and keep up to date with pending tasks through a virtual agenda with a simple interface.


Even if you’re only slightly fond of the Internet, you’ve surely come across more than one interesting text related to what you study that, however, is too complete for you to pay all the attention you need at that moment. Pocket allows you to save this web content and retrieve it later from any platform : smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Much better than bookmarking pages.

3.TIME Planner

The perfect option to plan and control every hour of our day to day. Time Planner is a wonderful tool to have everything under control and optimize time . Available for iOS.


The student’s life is tied to books. Kindle gives you the ability to read eBooks on a wide variety of devices, which is great if you’re having a hard time finding a title in libraries and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a paper book.


CamScanner transforms virtually any Android or iOS device into an instantly ready scanner . It is enough to take a photograph of the document so that a digitized version of it is ready that can be shared and sent to other platforms in a matter of seconds. If you are a student, I think that this tool should be part of your daily life.

6. Coffee

Caffeine, like the substance it references, makes it a bit easier to focus on a text , especially if sleep threatens to creep in. And, in fact, it has a similar effect on the Mac device you’re reading on. In short, this simple and practical application ensures that the brightness of the screen does not decrease when you spend a while without touching anything, thus allowing you to read more comfortably.


Possibly the queen of student apps, due in large part to its popularity. Dropbox allows you to create folders that can be accessed from multiple devices at the same time, which makes it one of the most practical options when it comes to doing group work from home . Each person can edit the documents posted on Dropbox and upload them back to the cloud so that the rest can work from the updated version of it.


If you know Google Drive, you will know that it is one of the most practical cloud storage options when it comes to editing documents in real time, which allows collaborative editing of texts between several people at the same time, without having to wait for someone upload the updated version. Microsoft’s OneDrive does more or less the same thing as Google Drive, but it has one advantage: integration with Microsoft Office , the most popular office suite .

9. iWork

iWork is Apple’s alternative to Microsoft Office. It is relatively easy to use and allows you to edit texts and graphics comfortably .


Actually, this option is useful for anyone, but it deserves a high place in the list of applications for students for its versatility. Evernote is used to manage digital annotations in an agile and simple way. We are not talking about a NASA gadget, but if you are a student, this application will be very useful for you.

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