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How to choose a career according to my abilities?


Jan 4, 2024

The educational offer is diverse and increases over the years, so being clear about our preferences and aptitudes is essential. There are 3 fundamental aspects when making that decision: knowing oneself , being clear about the access options and assessing what each career offers.

Once you are clear about that, write down these guidelines before choosing your future career.

1. Know your weaknesses and strengths

It is essential that you are clear about your weak and strong points. That will be important when you choose which subjects you are trained in and which you are not.

2. Interests and hobbies

This will determine which careers you are focused on. Something that is related to our hobbies will always be faced with more enthusiasm and interest. What we are passionate about.

3. Take a vocational test

This test will help you discover things about yourself that you had not analyzed. It will also help you discover careers that you didn’t even know existed and that may fit your profile.

4. Don’t just look at the “name” of the race

If many knew what they know when they finish their studies, they would probably choose another profession. Many just get carried away by the pretty name and that later leads to discomfort. Investigate and analyze each area of ​​knowledge and all the branches they offer. This way you will choose properly.

5. Turn to a career counselor

In some schools and institutes you can find a professional counselor or a psychologist who can help you and advise you on the range of possibilities that open up to you. It can be a very useful help to know where to start.

6. Go to the institutions that teach the career that interests you

Although it may seem the same to you, a career has differences depending on where it is taught. Each educational institution has its own characteristics and teachers who have approaches and specialties that make a difference. Going and informing you about these details in the same place of the facts is ideal.

7. Avoid fads

It may seem like a joke, but a program on the internet or TV can influence young people when choosing a professional career. Many lawyers, journalists or engineers entered the job market because of their media references and not all of them did so out of vocation. So a fundamental advice that we give you is: follow your own tastes.

8. Duration and difficulty

It is important that you are clear about whether you want to study a short career or a long career. This is essential to prevent you from leaving halfway.

9. Think in other languages

In a global world united by the internet, not knowing another language can be a difficult barrier to overcome. Avoid these problems and seek to bring another language in a complementary way.

10. Possibility of employment

Although no one has a guaranteed job, it is true that there are professions that, due to their flexibility or their high level of preparation, allow a greater degree of labor insertion. It is important that you take this into account. This factor is essential to know how much effort you will have to make when applying for a job.

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