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How to improve and train the memory of children of infant age


Jan 4, 2024

In case you did not know, memory is something that we can train day by day, even more so in childhood. There is a term called, working memory , it refers to the cognitive skills that allow us to remember data, numbers, etc.

This is what we commonly know as short-term memory. They are those data that you need to save immediately in your memory, but that you will need to use in your long-term memory, such as a mobile phone number.

Applied in the school environment, it is that memory that allows the little ones to develop tasks or homework, solve mathematical problems or remember data while reading.

In order to retain this data, you have to work and develop that working memory through a series of exercises. Thus, we will avoid loss of attention and concentration, so common in children of infant age.

Activities to train children’s memory

There are many activities to stimulate children’s memory . We are going to give you some simple ideas that you can do without making a great effort and will be of great help to improve inattention.

1- Association cards: a very simple game in which you yourself can create the cards in pairs or use cards, for example. It consists of putting them face up, memorizing them and turning them over to pick them up one by one to find their partner.

2- What was on the table?: we played to remember the objects that were on the table. Ideally, give them some time to remember what objects are on the table and then remove them. You can complicate the game a bit and make them remember not only the object itself, but also the color.

3- Children’s songs: as you know, they love to sing and dance at all hours, and learning songs is one of the best ways to stimulate their memory. For example, we can play to have the sentences finished: “Hello Don Pepito”….

4- Stories: one of the best tools to reinforce your memory. As you may already know, they love that we read the same stories over and over again or watch the same movies over and over again. When they have already memorized them, we can intentionally make mistakes so that they are the ones to correct us.

5- What did we do yesterday?: you can surprise them on any given day, and ask them, hey, do you remember what we did yesterday? The idea is that they tell us the day chronologically, from morning to night. You can also do it daily trying to remind them that they ate at noon or that they had breakfast early in the morning, for example.

6- Phone numbers: start with two phone numbers, usually your parents’. In addition to stimulating your memory, it is a good idea to memorize both your phone number and full mailing address in case there is an emergency.

7- Let him or her pick up their things and go for the things they need, clothes, toys, food… so they will have to learn where things are kept and remember it when needed.

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