35 online games to play with friends

The Internet has many advantages, but perhaps none like allowing us to continue sharing moments with our loved ones. Since we lived through confinement, online social gatherings and activities have been the only option, to the point where they have become normal and have even brought us closer to people who were far away.

Games are one of the forms of entertainment that are being consumed the most since then. However, it is not as easy as taking a game out of the drawer and placing it on the table. Thinking about what to play, finding it, seeing if it is free or paid, if you have to download it or realizing with the game started that it does not adapt to the players or the mode of communication can all be inconveniences with which you find yourself. time to search online games. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 35 online games to play with friends by platform, device, and even pocket.
Online games to play with friends for free
Here we show you some examples of free online games to play with friends .

The classic of the classics. The only thing missing from this trivia is the board, but so what? When you enter trivialonline.es , you choose a room, either public or private, to meet your friends.

Another that never dies. The game of conquering territories with your troops . Not only is it a game suitable for playing with friends, but also, the more of you, the better.

It wasn’t always as classic as the previous ones, but for anyone who likes board games a bit, it’s already a must.

You know what it is. It consists of guessing what one of the players is drawing . It is not necessary to be an artist, in fact, perhaps it is more fun the less cartoonists we are.Here are options to choose from: gartic.io is in Spanish and is quite simple to use. You also have it in Drawize and in skribbl.io , but this last option is in English.

For those people who like epic adventure! And for those who don’t, have you tried it? In the end, if we’ve heard his name so much lately, it must be for something. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game in which the players on the server must compete to be the last survivors of the game. It is free to play and although it offers in-game purchases, it can easily be enjoyed for free. Here you can register to play for free.
Online games to play with friends on PC
If you prefer to play on PC , as the posture and size of the screen make it more comfortable, here are some games available to play with friends on PC.

If you liked Game of Thrones, you have to play Runescape. You can find it on their same website . The best of all? It’s free!

Drawful 2
If you like Pictionary, you’ll probably love Drawful 2 , because here the drawing proposals are more abstract concepts , sometimes surreal. The creative challenge and laughter are guaranteed. You will discover to what extent you are able to understand each other when you are among friends and you will also be able to propose more crazy ideas than the ones the game already proposes.

If what you like is terror and psychological thriller , this game is for you. In Phasmophobia each one of you will become an investigator of paranormal events and you will enter a house that you will visit from a subjective camera.

More than a hundred heads to choose from to shoot based on kicks.Sounds like fun, right? Yes, and also surreal. Choose three friends and get ready to have a good laugh in Headsnatchers .

In this case, we present you a gaming platform . But Roblox is more special than any other, since it contains replicas of popular games in a virtual version. It can be a curious plan in a meeting with your lifelong friends, so that you remember your childhood and discover together that, although it seems that it has rained a lot, not so much has changed.

Surely you know the most appreciated card game of the last decades. Simple, but impossible to leave.so you can give each game an unexpected twist and make the game more difficult than you remember.

Here we present you Monopoly Plus , one of the many versions of Monopoly of a lifetime, but in 3D and with the possibility of changing the rules. Advance through the board buying properties, but in a more surprising version.

Duck Game
You may not know it but it has been one of the most recurring games during confinement. You and your friends will be four ducks fighting each other in a 2D scenario. Duck Game is not violent at all,

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