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Information and communication technologies

Information and communication technologies or techniques of information and communication 1 ( ICT , transcription of English information and communication technologies , ICT ) are, mainly in the academic world , the field of telematics , that is, the techniques of computing , audiovisual , multimedia , Internet and telecommunications that allow users to communicate, to access sources of information, store , manipulate, produce and transmit information in different forms: text , music , sound , image , video and interactive graphical interface ( IHM ). Legal and regulatory texts use the term “ electronic communications ”.

After the first steps towards an information society, which were writing and then the printing press , the big steps were the electric telegraph , then the telephone and radiotelephony . Computing has taken off thanks to printed circuits , with manufacturers of decentralized computing innovating rapidly . Television , the Minitel and the Internet then mobile telecommunicationshave associated the image with text and speech, “wireless”, the Internet and television becoming accessible on the mobile phone which also acts as a camera.

The rapprochement of computing, audiovisual and telecommunications in the last decade of the 20th century benefited from the miniaturization of components , making it possible to produce “multifunction” devices at affordable prices, from the 2000s. rapid increase in the number of high-speed Internet access (for example with ADSL or via cable television networks ) and very high-speed Internet access (with subscriber line networks in optical fiber) favored the distribution of audiovisual content at affordable prices since it lowered ICT prices in two years between 2008 and 2010 2 .

With the development of the Internet and WEB 2.0 , the uses of ICTs have developed and the vast majority of citizens in industrialized countries use them to access information. On the other hand 3 , a geographic digital divide has developed with developing countries where high-speed Internet access is beyond the reach of most households. A large number of Internet users, via websites , blogs , social media or projects such as the Wikipedia encyclopedic project are constantly adding information to the Internet.

The number of services available explodes, and generates jobs related to these technologies, for 3.2% of French GDP around 2010 and 5.5 expected in 2015 4 .

The sector requires more and more skills in communication, marketing and sales, the technique being only a support of communication and organization. The professional profiles sought are changing accordingly notes the International Observatory of Internet Professions, which analyzes the profiles and skills sought by the employment market in Europe 5 .

The uses of ICT are spreading, especially in developed countries, at the risk of locally accentuating the digital and social divide as well as the gap between generations. From precision agriculture and forest management ( traceability of wood to fight against trafficking), to global control of the planetary environment or biodiversity , to participatory democracy (ICT at the service of sustainable development ) in passing through commerce, telemedicine , information, management of multiple databases, various financial transactions, robotics and military uses, without forgetting help for the disabled (including the blind who use advanced voice synthesizers as well as ephemeral braille displays ), ICTs are tending to take an increasing place in human life and the functioning of societies.

From 2007 to 2010, the percentage of companies with an extranet rose from 17% at the start of 2007 to 35% at the start of 2010 6 .

Some fear a loss of individual freedom ( Big Brother effect of generalized surveillance in reference to George Orwell ‘s 1984 novel , growing intrusion of targeted and unwanted advertising , etc.) 7 . Prospectivists believe that ICTs should take a growing place, even be at the origin of a new civilizational paradigm , with perhaps an evolution of ICTs towards Nanotechnologies , biotechnologies, computer science and cognitive sciences (NBIC) and artificial intelligence . .
The expression “information and communication technologies” transcribes an English phrase used in various international bodies which roughly corresponds to the field of telematics . It has different definitions according to the point of view of the authors or according to the time, due to the progressive blurring of the boundaries of the fields concerned and the rapid evolution of techniques with digital convergence .

The definition of ICT remains particularly vague: the term “ technology ”, which means “discussion on technique” , is used instead of “ technique ”, which would be both simpler and more exact. Information and communication technologies are support tools for information processing and communication, with information processing and information communication remaining the objective, and technology the means . [ref. necessary]

The Larousse dictionary defines information and communication technologies as being a “set of computer techniques and equipment allowing distance communication by electronic means (cable, telephone, Internet, etc. )” 8 . But this definition is limited to the convergence of computing and telecommunications in order to communicate and does not take into account the impact of digital convergence in multimedia and audiovisual.

The OQLF ‘s Grand Dictionnaire terminologique defines information and communication technologies as “A set of technologies resulting from the convergence of computing and advanced multimedia and telecommunications techniques, which have allowed the emergence more effective means of communication, by improving the processing, storage, dissemination and exchange of information” 9. This definition is much more complete than the previous one, taking into account the numerical convergence as a whole. It reflects more the point of view of international institutions, which consider information and communication technologies as being the integration of telecommunications, computing, multimedia and audiovisual techniques 10. The rapid spread of high-speed Internet access has led to an explosion in the use of audiovisual services which are taking on increased importance in the concept of ICT, not only at the level of communication, but also at the level of information management and knowledge and its dissemination.

35 online games to play with friends

The Internet has many advantages, but perhaps none like allowing us to continue sharing moments with our loved ones. Since we lived through confinement, online social gatherings and activities have been the only option, to the point where they have become normal and have even brought us closer to people who were far away.

Games are one of the forms of entertainment that are being consumed the most since then. However, it is not as easy as taking a game out of the drawer and placing it on the table. Thinking about what to play, finding it, seeing if it is free or paid, if you have to download it or realizing with the game started that it does not adapt to the players or the mode of communication can all be inconveniences with which you find yourself. time to search online games. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 35 online games to play with friends by platform, device, and even pocket.
Online games to play with friends for free
Here we show you some examples of free online games to play with friends .

The classic of the classics. The only thing missing from this trivia is the board, but so what? When you enter , you choose a room, either public or private, to meet your friends.

Another that never dies. The game of conquering territories with your troops . Not only is it a game suitable for playing with friends, but also, the more of you, the better.

It wasn’t always as classic as the previous ones, but for anyone who likes board games a bit, it’s already a must.

You know what it is. It consists of guessing what one of the players is drawing . It is not necessary to be an artist, in fact, perhaps it is more fun the less cartoonists we are.Here are options to choose from: is in Spanish and is quite simple to use. You also have it in Drawize and in , but this last option is in English.

For those people who like epic adventure! And for those who don’t, have you tried it? In the end, if we’ve heard his name so much lately, it must be for something. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game in which the players on the server must compete to be the last survivors of the game. It is free to play and although it offers in-game purchases, it can easily be enjoyed for free. Here you can register to play for free.
Online games to play with friends on PC
If you prefer to play on PC , as the posture and size of the screen make it more comfortable, here are some games available to play with friends on PC.

If you liked Game of Thrones, you have to play Runescape. You can find it on their same website . The best of all? It’s free!

Drawful 2
If you like Pictionary, you’ll probably love Drawful 2 , because here the drawing proposals are more abstract concepts , sometimes surreal. The creative challenge and laughter are guaranteed. You will discover to what extent you are able to understand each other when you are among friends and you will also be able to propose more crazy ideas than the ones the game already proposes.

If what you like is terror and psychological thriller , this game is for you. In Phasmophobia each one of you will become an investigator of paranormal events and you will enter a house that you will visit from a subjective camera.

More than a hundred heads to choose from to shoot based on kicks.Sounds like fun, right? Yes, and also surreal. Choose three friends and get ready to have a good laugh in Headsnatchers .

In this case, we present you a gaming platform . But Roblox is more special than any other, since it contains replicas of popular games in a virtual version. It can be a curious plan in a meeting with your lifelong friends, so that you remember your childhood and discover together that, although it seems that it has rained a lot, not so much has changed.

Surely you know the most appreciated card game of the last decades. Simple, but impossible to you can give each game an unexpected twist and make the game more difficult than you remember.

Here we present you Monopoly Plus , one of the many versions of Monopoly of a lifetime, but in 3D and with the possibility of changing the rules. Advance through the board buying properties, but in a more surprising version.

Duck Game
You may not know it but it has been one of the most recurring games during confinement. You and your friends will be four ducks fighting each other in a 2D scenario. Duck Game is not violent at all,

The best free mobile games (2022)

It is a collection of games of different genres with which you will be able to spend many hours of entertainment without paying anything, although they all have some system micropayments if you don’t mind spending money for some rewards.

In the world of mobile phones, many of these games have a strong focus on multiplayer modes, although we also include others that you can enjoy alone. We have tried to make the list as varied as possible.

And as we always say at Xataka Basics, this is our list with our proposals, but we invite you to tell us which are the best games for you in the comments section . Thus, in addition to our proposals, the rest of the readers will also be able to benefit from those of our community of xatakeros.
The second part of one of the most beautiful and highest quality infinite runners we’ve seen on mobile. This is the Alto saga, where Alto’s Odyssey takes everything good from its predecessor and improves it, maintaining and polishing one of the best graphics you can find in mobile games, and adding some new mechanics.

The goal remains the same. Your character has to ski down a mountain, and you have to make him go as far as possible . To do this, you will have to overcome various types of obstacles that range from jumping over cliffs to grinding ropes and lianas, and improving your character and his abilities.
One of the last big hits in multiplayer games, and that has already become free with season passes. It’s something like playing impostor , you are on a ship with several players and one of you has to kill the others, while the rest have to do other missions.

The idea is that the impostor kills all crew members without being discovered, while all players will be able to request votes when they have suspicions to agree to expel a player. If this player was the impostor, they won, and if it was another player, shame on him, but the game continues.
‘Brawl Stars’ is a brawler shooter inspired by PC MOBAs , although with the controls adapted to play from the smartphone. In it, two teams of three people each face each other, and they do so in a scenario where you can move to find cover or try different tactics.

The title offers almost twenty characters, each of which has its abilities so that you can choose the one that best suits you or adapt to the one you like best. These characters each have their main and secondary ability, which gives you room to design different strategies depending on who you’re up against.
‘Call of Duty Mobile’ tries to bring the sensations of the mythical action saga to the mobile. It’s a free to play shooter with customizable controls, voice and text chat to chat while you play and get the most out of online games, also with 3D graphics and a good sound section.

It is a multiplayer game with several game modes, and divided into seasons to release content and customizations, with which this free-to-play game is monetized while adding variety over the months. well, it’s CoD.
This game has been one of the highest-grossing games in the sector for years . This is a title that began timidly as a new proposal in which the dynamic of protecting and building villages in Clash of Clans was changed for a card fighting game , Hearthstone-style.

Therefore, it is a game in which you have to fight battles through the use of different warriors and weapons that we use in the form of cards in order to destroy the enemy’s towers while maintaining ours. To use them you need to have enough elixir, which is reduced by using each card and increases over time.
From the hand of King, the creators of the mythical ‘Candy Crush’, comes this game with the mythical video game character in a more atypical format. It is an endless runner , a game in which our character runs alone and we simply have to tap the screen to make movements.

It is a free-to-play game, free with micropayments, and offers a whopping 100+ hours of gameplay and 50+ bosses to defeat. All this in an assortment of colorful screens where we will have to jump, dodge and attack opponents while we run without stopping.
Hated by many and loved by some, if we think about it coldly this is still an excellent game that can be enjoyed and spent many hours on it. It is a free to play, with a free base but a micropayment system with which to obtain advantages.

Beyond the controversy over this step, the truth is that this is a good adaptation and with very good quality, which if you like action games with RPG touches, you will probably love it.
‘FIFA Mobile’ tries to bring to the mobile the closest possible experience to the FIFA of a lifetime, one of the best soccer games today. And try to adapt the experience with daily rewards and bonuses, with a multitude of events and practically all the monetization resources of free-to-play. You may like this more or less, but at least the base of the game is free.

To all this we must add a very good gameplay that tries to balance the arcade and simulation, and all the huge number of licenses with real teams and players that EA has. Of course, perhaps it is a bit focused on online and it is missing some classic modes, but it is one of the best soccer alternatives for mobile phones , and an essential for lovers of the king of sports.

The 20 Best Android Games of 2023… So Far

The Google Play catalog continues to grow with increasingly complete deliveries, both graphically and at the level of possibilities in general: we have games of all types for all audiences.

So we are going to compile which are the best games so far this year , those proposals that have been launched recently and that have managed to make a lot of noise, from large productions to indie games that have gone viral.
With nostalgia as its flag, TMN Shredder’s Revenge is a great game in which you’ll take on the role of Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo with the classic 80’s aesthetic. Good or bad? News is that the game is free and ad-free if you have a Netflix account.
For some it comes as a fall from heaven, others will receive it as a heresy by making it Free-to-Play, but the truth is that the adaptation of Diablo for mobile phones is quite successful , it is of quality and it is one of the RPG candidates for the game of the year.

The universe of Ni No Kuni with the aesthetics of Ghibli Studio come together in this NetMarble RPG in which you embody the same swordsman , witch, engineer, scoundrel and the destroyer to save the world that you take care of your farm .
If you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, this mobile card game needs no introduction.** Strategy, collecting, and fast-paced gameplay** come together in this game where you can compete online against duelists from around the world.
Don’t call it PES, call it eFootball 2023 Mobile. The football simulator changes its name but maintains its pocket version, for mobile phones, updated with the latest signings, with real-time online games and eFootball World.
‘PUBG New State’ is the new and ambitious proposal to keep company with the successful ‘PUBG Mobile’. It is a Battle Royale focused on the year 2051, with the same game mechanics as PUBG Mobile, but improved graphics, more weapons and so on .
The trending game is Pokémon Unite, Nintendo’s ‘LoL’. It is a 5v5 MOBA, a real great game with great graphics , a frenetic pace and in which you don’t have to spend a single euro to reach the top. You will conquer the enemy bases while you face your rivals, evolve your Pokémon and defeat wild Pokémon.
Magic: The Gathering Arena is the adaptation of the classic Magic to Android. It is a perfect game for beginners , since it comes with a complete tutorial in which they explain the mechanics to understand the game.
Crash Bandicoot is already on Android and it’s a spectacular game . It comes from the hand of King, developer, among others, of the famous Candy Crush. In this game we will run without stopping avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies. It’s not as complete as the console versions, but it’s certainly addictive and a great option to pass the time.
Probably the game of the year. The ‘LoL’ can finally be played on mobile phones , even if we have a humble Android mobile. It is an adaptation of the original game for PC , with fewer characters, smaller maps and somewhat simpler mechanics so that the games are shorter.
Undoubtedly, the new benchmark in mobile video games . It is a title for PC and PS4 transferred to Android, although it is exactly the same game . Genshin Impact is an open world game, in which we will explore a gigantic map and fight against various creatures.

The graphic section is simply spectacular , although we will need a high-end mobile to enjoy it in all its splendor. Despite being a game of this category, it is completely free, and purchases are accessories.
Mini Football is a fun game in which we will play matches of less than three minutes , in order to liven up the idle moments by enjoying a good day. The controls are simple, any phone can run it without the need for it to be powerful, and it is one of the games that has been sweeping the Play Store the most in recent months.
With the aim of competing with rivals such as Hearthstone, the proposal manages to engage from the first moment , with complex but fun game mechanics.
‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ tries to transfer what is seen in the anime, betting everything on the graphic section . It is one of the most careful proposals of the year, a quality visual section for an RPG at the level of expectations.

The game will allow us to fight in turns, in which we will choose different ability cards with which to attack, defend and cast different spells. Many missions, good performance and completely free (although with micropayments).
If you like car games, Forza Street is a great option. It sins of not being the best game in its segment in terms of controls, but its graphic section is spectacular , with highly elaborated textures. It is a free game that you can enjoy on your Android, so do not hesitate to check it out.
Civilization VI is a strategy game in which we will have to create our own civilization , deciding how to expand our territory and what resources to spend at each moment. It is a turn-based game, although only the first 60 turns will be free, to be able to play the complete game you have to pay 21.99 euros. Additionally, the Civilization VI Rise and Fall and Civilization VI Gathering Storm expansions can be purchased.